Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solution of "Power Calibration Error" while burning a CD/DVD disc


Sometimes you try to write your favourite movies or mp3 songs on a CD/DVD disc, but your writer suddenly shows to you a message like this-

Power Calibration Error
Burn Process failed at 16x 2,400 KB/s

Power Calibration Error, Medium Speed Error
Power Calibration Error

Then surely the mental condition of your mind is out of control.


There could be several possible causes and solutions for the above error, usually what is happening is, for some cause the CD/DVD writing program is not able to figure out the The Optimum Power Calibration rate (a small pre burn test that determines the optimal laser power for burning), resulting in a writing failure. There is no simple way to figure out the real cause, so try all the solution step by step (easy to hard) and see what works for you.


There are some solutions for this problem. Lets see which suits for you best.

1. Most common cause of such error is cheap blank media, so try to use different brands of quality blank media.

2. Try to burn at lower speed (Most effective).

3. Disable the IMAPI Service (Work's mostly): 

  • Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services .
  • Search for "IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service", 
  • Right-click and select properties.
  • Change Startup Type to Disabled.

Power Calibration Error, Medium Speed Error
Power Calibration Error
  • Click Apply and Reboot.

4. Try to update or change your CD\DVD writing software to the latest version.

5. Try to upgrade your burner's firmware.

6. If all the above measures fail, then the problem is definitely related to hardware and not to software, So, get your writer laser lens cleaned by a expert person.

7. If all the above measures fail, then the CD/DVD drive's laser might have died and you need to replace it. So, try to replace it.


Be always happy. Thanks for reading this post. If it help you to solve your problem then my efforts will be successful. Thanks again.